Over the years we have completed a diverse range of projects including Residential, Commercial and Civil engineering projects. Tom Hennessy & Son's undertake small, medium, and large scale projects. Facilities maintenance has become a major part of our business which has mainly been generated from past clients.

The company has acquired a name for paying particular attention to producing quality workmanship from substructure to superstructure. This is clear to see in the end product of all projects we undertake.
Our priority in all projects undertaken is to satisfy the clients’ needs whether it is time based or cost based but never compromising quality.

The company uses the most modern technical instruments and equipment to ensure accurate quality workmanship. The health and safety of our employees is paramount ensuring a safe working environment at all times, through forward planning. Tom Hennessy & Sons invests heavily in its employees training, as we believe that they are the key to the success of the company. Tom Hennessy & Sons offers its clients a complete package in all aspects of construction. This has resulted in repeat business from past clients that find this service appealing.